Complete Thyroid Testing

Your thyroid gland is located near your collarbone, at the base of your neck and measures about two inches long and is shaped like a butterfly.

The thyroid is part of your endocrine system, which create, store and control the release of hormones into your bloodstream. When this gland malfunctions, it can either slow down (hypothyroidism) or speed up (hyperthyroidism).

Of the 20 million Americans that are estimated to have thyroid disease, up to 60% of them are unaware they have the condition.

If you are suddenly gaining weight, lack energy, or are feeling depressed, you could have hypothyroidism. If you are losing weight, feeling anxious and/or experiencing hair loss, you could have hyperthyroidism. Through the use of a simple blood test and/or a thyroid scan your Joy Medical physician can determine the health of your thyroid. Please contact us at (818) 464-4870 to set up an appointment.