IV Therapy

Joy Medical offers our patients IV therapy featuring a blend of vitamins, minerals and magnesium, scientifically proven to help diminish chronic fatigue, boost the immune system and even reduce pain experienced in patients with fibromyalgia. Our IV therapy treatment is the ultimate Joy Medical experience, where patients enjoy reclining in the comfort of a chaise lounge chair and escaping their day-to-day pressures by relaxing and watching a selection of virtual reality visuals,  such as a tranquil underwater world, a walk on the beach or in the woods, floating in space and more, through the magic of VR technology. Patients who have IV therapy at Joy Medical leave the practice feeling pampered, refreshed, energized and ready to get back to their routine with vigor and optimism. If you’d like to experience the transformative powers of IV therapy, please contact us to set up an appointment – and ask about our Joy Medical membership, which includes three complimentary IV therapy treatments annually!