IV & Energy Therapy

IV & Energy Therapy

Joy Medical offers our patients IV & Energy Therapy featuring a blend of vitamins, minerals, and magnesium, scientifically proven to help diminish chronic fatigue, boost the immune system, and even reduce pain experienced in patients with fibromyalgia.

Our IV & Energy Therapy treatment is the ultimate Joy Medical experience, where patients enjoy reclining in the comfort of a chaise lounge chair and escaping their day-to-day pressures by relaxing and watching a selection of virtual reality visuals,  such as a tranquil underwater world, a walk on the beach or in the woods, floating in space and more, through the magic of VR technology.

Patients who have IV & Energy Therapy at Joy Medical leave the practice feeling pampered, refreshedenergized and ready to get back to their routine with vigor and optimism.

IV Drips

Hydro Joy | Hangover drip | A fun night out doesn’t have to leave you feeling groggy the next morning. By boosting fluids and electrolytes, Party Joy will get you back on your feet in no time. If you’re looking for a little extra pick me up, add in some additional glutathione for a deeper cleanse. | Lactated Ringer 500 ml + Vitamin B12 and Magnesium | $140| Additional glutathione $12 per 200 mg/ml

Immune Joy | Your own immune system is your best defense from contracting viruses. This treatment contains a high dose of vitamin C + other immune boosting vitamins and minerals such as zinc and selenium. | Immune support, high dose vitamin C 10 gram + vitamins and minerals | zinc and selenium | $239 | Add on: 5 gram additional Vitamin C |$30

Ultimate Joy | With an added dose of the powerful antioxidant glutathione, this treatment takes our Basic Meyers to the next level. Take on the day feeling fresh after Ultimate Joy combats those unwanted toxins and gives your body the boost it needs. | Meyers with 1000 mg Glutathione | $210

Basic Meyers | If you’re pressed for time and desperate for a quick boost, this simple and quick treatment will leave you refreshed, energized and ready to get back to your routine with vigor and optimism thanks to a powerful blend of vitamins and minerals, including B-12 and vitamin C. | $179 | Package of 4 ($600.00) promotional.

Customized IV treatment are available upon request after consultation with Dr. Sheybani.

Vitamin Shots

Joy Slimming | Weight Loss | Can’t seem to lose those last few pounds? Let us do the work for you while you lay back and relax. This special fatty acid oxidizing shot contains lots of B12 and fat burning minerals, so all you have to do is get ready for the pounds to melt off and feel the joy. | $60

Joy Glow | Skin & Immunity | Your skin is your body’s largest organ and a reflection of your internal heath. If the demands of your hectic schedule are showing up on your skin, Joy Glow will come to the rescue to not only make your skin healthier and, well, glow thanks to an amazing combination that includes high dose glutathione, vitamin C and B5. | 800 mg Glutathione + 500 mg Vitamin C + B5 | $66

Joy Power | Fatigue Fighter | If everyday life has got you feeling beat, fight it with this powerful blend of vitamin C, B12, and B-Complex. One little shot in the arm will have you ready to conquer any day! With our easy access and free parking, you can be in and out in a minute. | Vitamin C 1000 mg + B12 5 mg + B-Complex $60

Joy Booster | B12 shot | Need some pep in your step? We’ve got you! If you’re feeling sluggish, and don’t have time for a full IV therapy treatment, you can just drop by a quick B12 shot to perk you right back up. After all, you deserve to have a little more joy. | 5 mg/ml intramuscular | $30

We also offer mobile IV Therapy treatments, in the comfort and security of your own home with our registered nurse. Please contact our office for details.

If you’d like to experience the transformative powers of IV therapy, please call (818) 464-4870 or complete the Contact Us form to schedule your appointment at Joy Medical Clinic in Sherman Oaks today. Your journey to better health starts now!

Dr. Ali Sheybani at Joy Medical provides comprehensive primary care and medical weight loss in Sherman Oaks, California and surrounding areas.