About Us

Science-Based Medical Treatments

Joy Medical offers the highest standard of science-based medical care and treatments, administered and or overseen by our on-site medical doctor.

Medical-Grade Energy Therapies

If you feel sluggish as a result of the demands of modern day living, or a virus medical-grade energy therapies can put a spring back in your step in no time!

Joy Medical Memberships

Joy Medical offers premium, quality primary medical care. Membership privileges offers priority scheduling and more!

Flu Shots & Immunizations

Joy Medical offers flu shots and other immunization injections to help keep you healthy at all times by enabling your system to build protective antibodies.

Physical Examinations

An annual physical allows you and your physician to have a baseline record of your health, which enables tracking optimization of your health & wellness.


Your Joy Medical physician will prescribe medications and call in refills based on your medical needs and preferences.

Ali Sheybani, MD

Dr. Ali Sheybani is a compassionate and top-ranked internist and primary care doctor, who provides the highest-quality care for patients in and around Sherman Oaks, CA. He is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, and approaches patient care by treating the whole patient – not just masking symptoms. Dr. Sheybani and his Joy Medical team understand how busy his patients are, and how much stress is part of their day-to-day lives. That’s why the team ensures that our patient’s time is respected, and their health and wellness is optimized – so they can live the joyful life they deserve!

We Can Help You Feel And Be Your Best!

We take the time and care to provide our patients with quality healthcare that caters to your individual needs and wishes, and is customized to help you feel and be your best.
Medical Weight Loss

We offer our patients a medically assisted weight loss program that delivers results.

Long Covid

Long COVID, is a wide range of symptoms that continue for months after recovering from COVID-19.

IV & Energy Therapy
IV & Energy therapy offers many health benefits, including boosting your energy & immune system.

Joy Medical offers membership program, which includes priority scheduling and more!

Dr. Ali Sheybani at Joy Medical provides comprehensive primary care and medical weight loss in Sherman Oaks, California and surrounding areas.