Pre-operative Clearance

If you are about to undergo surgery, your surgeon and your Joy Medical physician want to ensure that your body will respond well to surgery, and that you are not at risk for any complications during surgery. Preoperative testing determines the state of your health and will detect if you have any underlying health issue that you and your surgeon may not have been aware previously, which could affect you during your operation. Cardiac and respiratory testing is of particular importance for preoperative clearance, as your heart and lungs are under particular strain during surgery. Preoperative evaluations vary depending on the type of surgery and the health and age of the patient. The Joy Medical team is the go-to preoperative clearance practice for many top plastic and other specialized surgeons in the Sherman Oaks and greater Los Angeles area. To schedule your preoperative clearance appointment, please contact our office at (818) 464-4870 or schedule your appointment online.